Engage in Community
Regularly participating in close association with other followers of Jesus serves the purpose of growing us in community.

This connecting point allows the church to grow larger and smaller at the same time. People are challenged to grow in Christlikeness by learning and serving together, caring for and encouraging one another, and supporting one another through life (Acts 2:46).

The church is the church both gathered and scattered. We gather on Sundays and in smaller groups, and we scatter throughout the city, fulfilling our call in the day-to-day of our week.

Small Group or Regional Group?


Regional Groups provide structure for us to care for everyone who calls Tabernacle home. When you become a Regular Attender or Partner on Mission, we place you in a group based upon your region in the city. A Regional Care Facilitator is appointed over each region to help facilitate care among the people in that region.

Small Groups give people opportunity to live into Christ-like community and grow in following Jesus. Small Groups meet on a regular basis to pray, eat, dialogue, enjoy, challenge, and submit to the Lord Jesus together. While joining a group is voluntary, it's our hope that everyone participates in one.