We desire to partner with families to develop a spiritual foundation which will, in God’s timing, lead your child to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


Children participate in a safe, nurturing, and age-appropriate environment while attending our Sunday morning programing. Our teaching endeavors to supplement the Christian nurturing and training the child receives at home.

Classes are segmented by age/development stage, from newborns through elementary school age.

  • Each classroom is staffed by volunteers who are committed to the spiritual development of each child.  These volunteers and teachers typically serve one Sunday per month.
  • Our littlest children learn through group interaction, age-appropriate teaching, and craft activities in a fun, child-centered environment.
  • Children in K-5 grades gather all together in both large and small group settings. These children learn Biblical truths and principles through drama, music, video and audio instruction, crafts, teaching, and application activities.
Children's Ministry During COVID

While our regular Sunday morning children’s program is temporarily suspended as a result of COVID-19, we’d encourage you to tune into our latest pre-recorded children’s service which is posted each Sunday morning. 

Each video can be viewed at any time and typically runs for 10-15 minutes and includes a variety of content. Kids of all ages have found these Christ centered lessons to be highly engaging and memorable (scroll down to see example).

Children who come on Sunday join their parents in the Worship Center, and for children under 3, we have a nursery room open (room 112) for use at any time. There is a TV with the service livestreaming into this room.

Children's Videos

Questions & Answers


Children must first stop by the check-in area and then be escorted by a parent or guardian to the classroom noted on their name tag. Volunteers are available to assist with any questions or concerns. At the end of our ministry time, kids must be checked out by a parent or guardian, bearing the claim tag that was issued at check-in.

We're glad you asked. You can start with office@tabernaclecommunity.org, and Michelle or another individual will get back to you.

Children's Ministry Team

Mike Gundy
  • Children's Admin
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Chad Bridle
  • Children's Admin
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Alf Clark
  • Elder
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Nate Westrate
  • Elder
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Mulonge "Musa" Kalumbula
  • Virtual Teacher
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Mia Helweg
  • Virtual Teacher
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Michelle Haarman
  • Community Administrator (Student Ministry Co-Director & Office)

Pre-Recorded Children's Service Example