Mark 12:30-31
It's a Matter of Love

Mark 12:30-31

  1. Social Media can ____ our craving for ________.
  2. Social media can _____ us to ____-_________ and _____ __________.
  3. Social media can ________ us from deeper __________ as we become more ___________ with our devices.
  4. Social media can easily draw us into _________ discussions.
  5. Social media can give us a _____ of community but will never fully satisfy our deepest longing for _________ _________.

Take Action!

  1. How has the Spirit been prompting you to love God and love your neighbor more through technology?  What actions are you taking?
  2. Which of the 5 hazards discussed in the message are you struggling with the most?
  3. How can you use social media platforms to daily express the hope you have in Jesus?
  4. Replace your social media time this week with time with God and time with your family and friends.  Take some time to reflect on what you notice.
  5. Who do you need to share this message with this week?