The Tech-Wise People of God, Part 1: Awake!

  1. We keep technology in its proper ______ by using it with intention and ____.
  2. God wants us to develop a ____ strategy that is ____ for us and others.
  3. God created us to be ____ ________ of technology.

Take Action!

  1. Do you shy away from or embrace new technology (electronic devices, social media, etc.)? Why do you think this is?
  2. What has been your experience with social media? 
  3. How does Genesis 1:27-28 and Romans 12:2 inform this topic?
  4. How might God be calling you to engage differently (become more "tech-wise") going forward?
  5. Use the tracking sheet provided on our website to record your observations for how you're using these tools over the next three weeks.