Grand Rapids Nehemiah Project. Tabernacle started GRNP in 2016 to see all people in Grand Rapids flourish, to join the work of restoring and rebuilding the city, drawing primarily on the biblical theme of the tsaddiqim.

Alger-Garfield Neighborhood Collaborative. Pastors in Alger Heights began working and praying together to form a collaborative that would listen to the needs of the community. Together they now employ Jenn Reidsma, the Community Coordinator. Her office is located in Tabernacle's building.

Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation. GRCCT was founded by Justin Beene to bring organizations together for transformation within Grand Rapids' 49507 zip code. It is a collaborative space home to both non-profit, for-profit, and social enterprise organizations.


International Berean Ministries. Democratic Republic of Congo. Rev. Kizombo Kalumbula, Sr & Wababili Feza. 

Frontier Missions. Missionary family unlisted for security purposes. 

Messiah Mission for Africa. Liberia. David & Serena Ballah.

The Evangelical Church - Al Ain. United Arab Emirates. Gerald and Beth Longjohn.