#1 | Identify Your Region.

NW Region. North of Wealthy, West of Divison.

NE Region. North of Wealthy, East of Division.

Middle-West Region. East of Division, South of Wealthy, North of 52nd.

Wealthy-Alger Region. East of Division, South of Wealthy, North of Alger.

Alger-52nd Region. East of Division, South of Alger, North of 52nd.

South Region. South of 52nd.

Trouble identifying your region? No problem, just share your address with us.

#2 | Identify Yourself as a Regular Attender.

When you decide that Tabernacle is home, we'll place you in a Region, assigned to a Regional Care Facilitator within that Region. Give a shout to office@tabernaclecommunity.org and let us know.

Regional Care Vision & Commitments


To see every Partner on Mission and Regular Attender connected and cared for within our church body or community.


  1. To act as a communication link between the central office and the individual regions.
  2. To connect people in the regions by forming smaller pods.
  3. To maintain conversation within the region in an attempt to know one another better, share joys, challenges, and sorrows.
  4. To care for one another through prayer, presence, acts of service, etc.
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