Revelation 7:9-17
God’s Promise Fulfilled

Revelation 7:9-17

  1. Advent reminds us to live in hopeful expectation of a Kingdom where diverse nations, tribes, people, and languages are united in a common purpose under the reign of Jesus.
  2. Advent reminds us to live in hopeful anticipation of the victory secured for us through Jesus.

Take Action!

Genesis 22:17-18, 32:12, Galatians 3:29, Mark 11:17, Revelation 6

  1. What is the Spirit prompting you to do because of hearing this message today?
  2. How might God want to use you in fulfilling the great commission?
  3. What are some ways to practically pursue living out the multi-ethnic vision of the Kingdom?
  4. How does Revelation 7:9-10 encourage hope in your life?
  5. Spend time meditating on Revelation 7:9. What would that look like during our Sunday Celebration time? 
  6. Who do you need to share this message with this week?