Genesis 12:1-4
God's Promise

Genesis 12:1-4

  1. Following God obligates us to leave our security.
  2. The church is the new family to the believers.
    • I will make you into a great nation.  
    • I will bless you.  
    • I will make your name great.
    • I will bless those who bless you.
    • I will curse those who curse you.
  3. God blesses me, so I can be of a blessing to others.
  4. Salvation in Jesus Christ does not belong to any one nation, it belongs to all nations.

Take Action

John 1:12; Genesis 12:2-3; Acts 7:2 and John 8:53; Galatians 4:4-5; Acts 10:28-29; Revelation 5:9

  1. What was God’s desire in calling Abram to leave his security and comfort zone? 
  2. God’s desire was to fill the earth with His glory and bless all the peoples/nation
  3. In what ways is God calling you today to emulate Abram’s call?
  4. How does the church of Jesus Christ represent security for you in responding to God’s call to your life?
  5. How has God been a blessing to you?
    a. List or count your blessings
    b. How have you been a blessing to others?
    c. List those to whom you have been a blessing