Mark 4:1-20
The Power of the Seed

Mark 4:1-20

  1. Jesus tells a parable that ________ His word and how it works in the Kingdom to a ____.
  2. Jesus uses ____ to represent the conditions of the heart and its ___________ to the word of God.
  3. Jesus describes factors that ______ the fruitful development of the word of God in one’s life.
  4. Jesus promises powerful fruitfulness when there is an ________ and ___________ to the ____ of God.

Take Action!

  1. What is the Spirit prompting you to do because of hearing this message?
  2. How could you listen more faithfully and intently to the voice of God?
  3. What one action could you do this week to improve the way you listen to God’s word? How will you begin to make the gospel the controlling reality in your life?
  4. How involved are you in sowing the seed of God’s word?
  5. Who do you need to share this message with this week?