Mark 3:20-35
An Attempt to Discredit Jesus

Mark 3:20-35

Jesus’ authority was ____________ by those closest to him and by the religious leaders.

He is a _______.

He is of the _____.

Jesus ________ the accusation that His ministry is fueled by demonic power with a parable.

Jesus _______ that He came in the power of the Spirit to bind the strong man and plunder Satan’s house.

Jesus _______ family beyond natural ties to include ______ who does the will of God.

Take Action!

What is the Spirit prompting you to do because of hearing this message?

How does society try to discredit Jesus today?

Why is it important for you to know that Jesus is stronger than the enemy?

Based on this Scripture explain what the unforgivable sin is and who committed it?

Who do you need to share this message with this week?