Isaiah 40:1-11
Submitting to the King

Isaiah 40:1-11

1. Despite our disobedience, God is willing to take us back.

2. God promises us a reversal when we turn towards Him.

3. What practice can you cultivate this Christmas season to prepare the way for our coming King?

4. Humanity is temporary but God's word is permanent.

Take Action!

1. In what ways have you been disobedient to God over the course of your life?

2. How does it make you feel that despite our disobedience, God is always willing to restore us?

3. What areas of your life are you struggling with that you'd like God's help in turning around?

4. What spiritual discipline can you practice daily this Christmas season in order to grow your allegiance and love for the King of Kings?

5. Since God's word is permanent - it lasts forever, how can you make His word a permanent fixture in how you go about living your life?