Isaiah 1:1-20
An Invitation to Come Home

Isaiah 1:1-20

  1. We have rebelled against our Father and run away from our true home.

  2. We have deceived ourselves into believing we are not far from home through religious activities.

  3. We are given repentance as the pathway to getting back home.

  4. We are invited to come home through his provision of grace and sacrifice.

Take Action!

  1. What is the Spirit prompting you to do because of today’s message?

  2. How do you see the integration of worship and justice lived out in your daily life? What steps can you take to continue to grow in living this out?

  3. In what ways have you rejected God and His ways? What do you need to repent of today?

  4. John said, “Produce fruit in keeping with repentance.” If you were to ask him, “and what should we do?” based on your career and station in life, how do you think he would respond?