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7-3-22 Sunday Celebration – Genuine Faith
Kevin McKissick
Kevin McKissick
Sunday, July 3, 2022
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James 2:1-13 

Big Idea: There is no place for favoritism in the church.

  1. Genuine faith seeks the favor of God, not the praise of man.
  2. Genuine faith disadvantages myself to lift up others. 
  3. Genuine faith cannot mature when favoritism is rampant.
  4. Genuine faith is merciful.

Take Action!

Leviticus 19, Deuteronomy 10:17, Romans 2:11, 1 Corinthians 9:15-23

  1. How have you practiced self-awareness in your daily routine?
  2. Would your friends/family say you show favoritism? If you’re unsure, would you ask them? 
  3. How do you seek people’s approval more than God’s? What steps can you take to shift this focus?
  4. How might you disadvantage yourself at work, church, etc. for the bettering of someone else?