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6-20-21 Sunday Celebration
Kizombo  Kalumbula, Ph.D.
Kizombo Kalumbula, Ph.D.
Sunday, June 20, 2021
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I Kings 2:1-10

  1. _________ must be ___________.
  2. _________ must be ______.
  3. _________ must be _________.

Reflection Questions

  1. What would you say to your child as the last word of counsel or advice to them before you depart this world?
  2. How intentional have you been in investing in the development of your child?
  3. Identify one thing that you can began doing this week as a sign of your intentional investment in the lives of your child.
  4. Identify a person in your life who will keep you accountable in following up on your decision to intentionally invest in your child.

2 Timothy 2:2; 1 John 1: 8-10; Psalms 71:18; Luke 10:27; John 15