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4-30-23 Sunday Celebration – Seeking Answers rather than Exits
Kevin  Heyne
Kevin Heyne
Sunday, April 30, 2023
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Genesis 18:9-15

  1. Let your doubt cause you to seek answers rather than exits.
  2. Is anything too hard for the Lord?
  3. God's grace is our gateway to freedom.

How to make prayer more real:
1 - Pray Regularly
2 - Pray Continually
3 - Pray Concretely
4 - Pray Methodically
5 - Pray Affirmatively
6 - Pray Meditatively
7 - Pray Sincerely

Take Action!

  1. What causes you to doubt something?
  2. What causes you to doubt that God's not working in your life?
  3. What might be some of the reasons doubt might linger in your life (ex: a pattern of sin, continual disappointments, a lack of faith...)?
  4. What Would help strengthen your faith and deal with your doubts?
  5. Spend focused time this week meditating on some of the promises of God and affirmatively apply these promises in your prayers.