“And God said that it was good.” Genesis 1:22

Our name, Good Honey, was not simply chosen because our product tastes amazing (though that is 100% true, you should try it sometime!). It was chosen because we believe God made everything good. While our world is full of darkness, division, and pain we see the work of the honeybee as an example of the shalom God intended for our world. 

Good People

We believe humankind flourishes through collaboration and cooperation. As a new business we aim to strengthen our community by working together, with creation, to produce new and lasting partnerships that value the intrinsic dignity of all people. We seek to model mutual learning and growth.

Good Work

We are designed for work that contributes to flourishing. We hope to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities, job training and eventual employment opportunities as this enterprise grows. 

Good Earth

Honeybees are designed with a keen instinct for communal purpose and gifted craftsmanship. They provide an example of God’s intent for creation, which includes all of humanity. Our partnership with the earth is unpredictable, yet vital to the flourishing of this business.